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This book titled science of series, was a mathematical text which deals with advance series. It touches the exponential series, hyperbolic and trigonometric series but, most importantly, shows that these classes of series are interrelated. And, each series in a specific class is transformable to other forms of series in entirely different class. It was a good research text in series which open up ways for further research in series and waves. Number of pages: 23, price: N1550, $10.                           

Welcome to silver books, a mini books store. For now, the store is oriented towards research based papers and e-books, in the mathematical sciences. As such, scientific and Engineering readers are expected to benefit most with some few things that are presented herein especially, the researchers. Never the less, preparations are equally on the way to add on some categories or genres with the hope to serve the widest possible ranges of readers.

                                Currently, the store is offering some titles which, can be seen here on the web site especially, by clicking on the products button and, more titles would follow up soon. The books are currently in forms of e-books and, can be found in the following formats: PDF file, WORD, Plain text, Rich format, XPS document  and Others.

                                 Generally, methods of delivery are principally through e-mail and mail. The mail post is for those who chooses  CD and printed out materials. Hard copies are print out only when the customer much prepared it so. For more information on these, click on the payments and refunds buttons, to view our payments modes and refunds policy. The prices are set at wholesaler level, this give opportunity to retailers or any company that wishes to invest in first hand book. It is advisable to contact us before making any order.                           

Some of these e-books are entirely new, unique in themselves and hard to find else where indeed. Above are samples and more books will be seen by clicking on the product list button. Thank you for visiting silver books.

The above e-book titled: Improved hyperbolic Identities, was a new research based text, which contained some useful research findings and variable methods for handling some of the fundamental hyperbolic identities. It exposed some keys important facts about hyperbolic functions which some researchers and educators would find worth reading. It has 28 pages, ISBN:978-978-49843-8-6.publisher: clickjoy international. Price:N1860 (naira), $12.

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