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Introductory Dual Transformation was an updated book which first shows the existence of negative power differentiation formula. The book shows the difference between positive power differentiation formula and that of negative power. It went further to show how to apply each at its appropriate place, it was an important step for any who handle mathematics at any level. Number of pages: 14,  price:N1550, $10

This book Reversible Polynomials show how the laws of reversibility works on polynomials and Dual circles. It also point out the method of applying the laws on variety of mathematical expressions. Number of pages: 28, ISBN:978-978-51687-9-2, pub: clickjoy international. price: N1550 (naira),  $10

This book: The properties of derivatives was an important and unique book which shows some algebraic behaviors associated with derivatives and, some simple transformations. It also shows how an inverse image of an expression can be easily obtained using logarithmic  laws and algebra. Number of pages:21, price: $10, N1550.

This book titled: Improved hyperbolic Identities, was a new research based text, which contained some useful research findings and variable methods for handling some of the fundamental hyperbolic identities. It exposed some keys important facts about hyperbolic functions which some researchers and educators would find worth reading. It has 28 pages, ISBN:978-978-49843-8-6.publisher: clickjoy international. Price:N1860 (naira), $12

This book titled: SIMPLE APPLICATION OF REVERSIBILTY PRINCIPLES, was an extension work  and application process for the concept of dual transformation. It demonstrated the logic behind the successful  applications of the reversibility concept in mathematics to some simple facts in physics and chemistry. The expression for molarity was taken and treated and, few ideas in physics. Price: N1550, $10.

This book titled science of series, was a mathematical text which deals with advance series. It touches the exponential series, hyperbolic and trigonometric series but, most importantly, shows that these classes of series are interrelated. And, each series in a specific class is transformable to other forms of series in entirely different class. It was a good research text in series which open up ways for further research in series and waves. Number of pages: 23, price: N1550, $10.

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