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                                                       REFUNDS POLICY.


   Refunds of received money is due when we failed to process the order after a complete one week, from the date the payment is received. Therefore, the customer has every right to demand the refund or reason for the exceptional delay. The money for refund can be refunded back to the owner within a week from the date the refund is demanded. We usually refund unprocessed orders back to the owner without much complain. The path used by the customer to pay, is usually the path to be use for returning the amount, except demanded otherwise by the customer. In the process of refunds, the service charges by bank or other financial institutions, responsible for the return of the money would be deducted within the customer’s money and, we do not charge any amount on refunds. Notice that, we should not be hold responsible for wrong address or third party failure. In case of third party failure, example mail agents, we usually consider replacement when carefully verified.                                                      






                                                          PRIVACY POLICY.


   The information given to us by customer during order or enquiry is used solely for the fulfillment of the order or enquiry. We do not sale or be unnecessarily contacting the customer especially after successful completion of transaction with us. The customer has right over his information and can direct us to delete whole or part as he wishes. 







  Products are in forms of e-books, they can be delivered through e-mail attachments or conventional mail post. When ordering, make sure you have an e-mail address which can be sent out to or, mail address if you choose to have CD or printed materials. The cost for delivering products on CD or hard copies are generally higher and would depend on your distance from us. The price set out are for delivering through e-mail. If you decide to order through the mail please, contact us before, so as to access well the cost. Currently, books are in the following formats: PDF file, WORD, plain text, Rich format, XPS document and others. Remember to specify the file format you prefer. And, any problem or question with regards to ordering, feel free to contact us at: info@silverbk.com . Generally, it would be good enough to contact us before making any order from the store.

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